Beth Arnold

Writer. Journalist. An Exile Returned From Paris.

A JOURNALIST AND award-winning writer who for a decade (2002-2012) made her home in France, Beth Arnold has written for such print venues as Rolling Stone, GQ, InStyle, Self, American Way, Premiere, and Mirabella. Online, besides her regular blogging for The Huffington Post and for (where she published her acclaimed “Letter From Paris”-branded column and podcasts), she has also written for,, and Marco Polo Quarterly, among others. Her prime journalistic topics are travel, politics, culture, the arts and design, the media, and people. She loves nothing more than unearthing the diverse people and communities that make up our global societies. Her online commentary has appeared internationally in outlets ranging from Der Spiegel to PoynterOnline. In 2011, Arnold was named one of Tripbase’s “100 Favourite Travel Writers,” and her “Letter From Paris” was one of their Top 10 Paris Blogs of 2011. She was also named among Go Overseas’ “Top Blogs France” and an “Editors’ Pick” by Travel Onion. The Exile having now returned to the U.S., Arnold is rediscovering her own country and cutting through the layers of what it means to be here now. She is a nomad at heart.