Bill Barol

Freelance writer, Santa Monica CA

Bill Barol is the author of Thanks For Killing Me, a novel (Minty Goodness Press, 2011). He’s a former Senior Writer at Newsweek, where he authored cover stories on David Letterman, Bruce Springsteen, Andrew Wyeth, and The End of the Eighties, as well as dozens of inside stories on pop culture, entertainment and the arts. His freelance journalism has appeared in The New Yorker, Time, Slate, The Boston Globe, Fast Company, Fortune Small Business, Washington Journalism Review, American Journalism Review, American Heritage and TV Guide, and on PBS. He's also been a writer/producer on television comedies including "Anything But Love," "Cafe Americain" and "Townies." He lives in Santa Monica, CA and can be reached here. His recent journalism is archived here. His Twitter feed is here. He also blogs at