Bill Couzens

Founder Less Cancer

Bill Couzens is the founder of Next Generation Choices Foundation, also known as, the organization was founded in 2004, and is a 501c3 public charity. ` "We are advocating for a greater understanding on how to stop cancer before it starts, says Couzens. "We want community leaders including lawmakers to make less incidences of cancer a priority." While we all want the cure, we must reach for the highest goal of "Less Cancer", which means fewer incidences of cancer, not more treated cancer. Couzens founded National Cancer Prevention Day that serves to remind people that when looking at cancer, they need to look at preventing and reducing risks for human health and the environment. The resolution was introduced in the House of Representatives first in 2012 recognizing that when we work to prevent cancer risks, it impacts human health, the environment, and the economy. National Cancer Prevention Day is recognized each year February 4th. Couzens also initiated the United States Congressional Cancer Prevention Caucus. The National Cancer Prevention Day Workshop on Capitol Hill, Washington, DC features evidenced based continuing education credits for physicians, nurses and public health professionals. Couzens graduated from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan.

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