Bill Frezza

Fellow in Technology & Entrepreneurship, The Competitive Enterprise Institute

In the 35 years since Bill graduated from MIT with degrees in electrical engineering and biology he has been a scientist, an engineer, a product manager, a salesman, a consultant, an entrepreneur, an author, a technology evangelist, and a venture capitalist. His early career on high-tech’s bleeding edge included the development of first generation electronic newspapers, home banking, home shopping, cable modems, multi-user videogames, wireless LANs, and wireless email, all of which became a success – for someone else a decade later. His 15 years as a venture capital investor working with early stage telecom, semiconductor, and biotech startups taught him humbleness, risk aversion, and the ability to identify ten fatal flaws out of five in any startup business plan.

In 2008 Bill began writing weekly columns for RealClearMarkets, and in 2011 Bio-IT World and, earning a nod as a finalist for the 2011 Hoiles Prize for excellence in American journalism. He also joined the Competitive Enterprise Institute as a Fellow in Technology and Entrepreneurship. There he and his compatriots endeavor to slow the growth of the regulatory leviathan in the futile hope that this will reduce the rate at which things are getting worse.

Bill is a frequent guest on CNBC, FOX, and CBN News where he is challenged to reduce complex economic and policy issues into thirty second sound bites. On rare occasions the BBC or local Cable TV gives him a few more minutes to develop a theme.

Achieving a new level of despondency after the 2012 presidential election, Bill has adopted Menckenism as his guiding philosophy. His stated mission as a writer, speaker, and commentator is to “Chronicle the decline and fall of entitlement democracy,” a task he pursues with a smile and a cocktail.

Bill is excited about becoming a regular contributor to the Huffington Post. “Into the monkey house we go to stir up the inmates!”