Billy Mason

Sustainability Coordinator, Environmental Studies Educator, Climate Change Planner

Billy Mason is the former Sustainability Program Coordinator for the Research Corporation University of Hawaii, Environmental Studies Instructor at Prescott College, Researcher for the Aspen Global Change Institute, Eco-tourism Consultant for the Sewalanka Foundation, Board member for Sheep Mountain Alliance, and Community Outreach Coordinator for the EPA funded Science of Sustainability and Water Conservation projects. In addition, he continues to volunteer as a Climate Steward for NOAA, a Climate Leader for The Climate Reality Project, and a science instructor at the Mokupapapa Discovery Center in Hawai’i. Billy is also an alumnus of the University of Hawai’i at Hilo, Prescott College, and the Clinton Global Initiative University. His research focused on sustainability, environmental policy, and climate change planning. As an accomplished geographer, mountaineer, aviator, and surfer that has worked around the world from Telluride to Sri Lanka, Billy has manifested a personal connection with nature’s elements and a diversity of cultures. He also contributes to an environmental awareness column “Earth Matters," which can be found at