Benjamin Bingham

Author of Making Money Matter, Impact Investing to Change the World; and CEO Founder of 3Sisters Sustainable Management, LLC and Scarab Fund, LLC

G. Benjamin Bingham CFP™ is the author of Making Money Matter…Impact Investing to Change the World. He is also the CEO/Founder of 3Sisters Sustainable Management ( ), an RIA with its own family of proprietary impact investment strategies. Ben's writing and his work with Impact Investing draws on broad experience as an artist, bio-dynamic farmer, Waldorf teacher and co-founder of three social enterprises. He became an investment advisor to his network of socially minded investors at Legg Mason in 2001 and an independent money manager since 2007. His model for impact investment strategies designed for 100% impact investors is called Scarab Funds. He is on the Board of CSRHub, the largest aggregator of ESG data. His intent is to help advisors, consultants and self-directed investors understand the consequences of traditional investing and inspire a transition to meaningful impact investments.