Birgitta Lauren

Holistic Maternity Health Coach, author and speaker.

Birgitta is a certified expert in pre and postnatal fitness and nutritional services. She has 28 years of experience in the fitness industry from teaching classes, to corporate programming, gym design and health cub management, public speaking, seminars, to personal training, and now works with a high end clientele of expectant mothers, including some celebrities in Beverly Hills. 16 years ago, thanks to a pregnant client Birgitta saw the need for the untapped and underserved prenatal market. Realizing the need for serious insightful information for “new-moms-to-be” on how to safely exercise during pregnancy, based on a thorough understanding of the biomechanical and kinesiological changes in a pregnant woman’s body, Birgitta collaborated with top international medical experts and authored the book Expecting Fitness. The book Expecting Fitness has won the coveted iParenting Media Award in 2007. This book has become the definitive guide for not just moms, but many websites (Stork Magazine, Earth Mama, Splendora, Urban Baby, etc…and many health/medical sites), health professionals, medical schools, and universities, including Columbia. Birgitta has worked with many celebrities in the music and entertainment business including Jane Seymour, Suzy Amis Cameron, and Laura Dern (some remain anonymous) as well as several European and Saudi royalty including 2 princesses. Ms. Lauren was the fitness editor for ePregnancy Magazine, and has written and been featured in many maternity, baby, fitness and celebrity magazines (Pregnancy, Fit Pregnancy, ePregnancy, Baby Talk, American Baby, B, Self, Life&Style, Celebrity Living, US etc…) and various newspapers as well as on TV news and entertainment shows (ABC, CBS, E!, & CNN.). She conducts seminars on these subjects for large corporation's wellness programs; like Warner Brother's, Disney, Ingram Micro, Western Digital... Birgitta has also sat on various March of Dimes committees, compiled new pregnancy exercise curriculums, and pamphlets for the March of Dimes, the National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition (HMHB), and the American College of OB/Gyn (ACOG). She sits on the Executive Board of Directors for HMHB in DC and organizes her annual Maternity Team for the March of Dimes walk for babies.

Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden and Australia, Birgitta always excelled in athletics. She became a competitive swimmer and studied dance. Her passion for bodybuilding led her to win city, state and the Australian national championship in 1987. Having studied in America for a year, she later moved to Los Angeles. A pregnant client made her realize the importance of prenatal exercise not just for the mothers’ sake but even more so for the baby’s health. Helping moms have healthier pregnancies and babies became her passion. She took her interest and specialty further and even created new programs to keep women with "high risk" pregnancies in better condition, designing special exercise techniques for women for whom bed rest is prescribed by their doctors. Birgitta insists, “all women can and should exercise during pregnancy, even if you are in a 'high risk category'." She is also the only one in her field to have designed prenatal modifications for almost all sport and fitness activities. In her quest to relieve moms of pregnancy aches and pains, Birgitta invented a new exercise; the LAUREN ROTATION (trademark pending), that eliminates hip and low back pain by rebuilding the vertebrae facets. When Birgitta couldn’t find a great prenatal vitamin for her many clients, she collaborated with Jem Welsh, a “maternity savvy” nutritionist and biochemist, to formulate the ultimate in prenatal supplements. The HEALTHY BABY Complete Prenatal vitamins were born, with more products in pipe-line to help moms prevent problems and have healthier babies.