Blayne Davis

Novelist, former hedge fund trader

Author of AN UNLIKELY RECRUIT From an early age, Blayne has lived a life that rivals many works of fiction.  With his father working for several U.S. intelligence services, he lived in Asia for the first ten years of his life before returning to the United States with his two sisters. His middle school years were spent living in the wooded seclusion of the CIA's training facility known affectionately as "The Farm" where his father was a senior instructor. Blayne then moved to Stuttgart, Germany where he graduated from Patch American High School. It was in Germany that Blayne was introduced to the murky world of espionage, when he learned their old neighbor and father of his childhood friends at The Farm – Harrold "Jim" Nicholson – was in fact spying for the Russians and would later be convicted of treason. Blayne returned to the United States, briefly attending the University of Central Florida before finding his footing in the financial markets, first becoming a stockbroker and then later a foreign currency trader, traveling domestically and abroad doing seminars. In 2008, Blayne and two partners established a hedge fund that would later come crashing down in the middle of the market meltdown and ultimately culminate in a conviction for securities violations, sending him to prison. Blayne is currently in a federal prison in Seagoville, Texas and his case is under appeal. Since his incarceration, Blayne discovered his passion for writing and the law. He has also contributed several articles to the Huffington Post on a wide variety of topics. At the publisher's discretion, he is willing to discuss candidly all details of his offense and trial. Blayne is married and is the proud father of two.