Bob McKinnon

Author, Moving Up: The Truth About Getting Ahead in America

Bob McKinnon is Writer, Social Entrepreneur, Father looking to make the world a little better one person and one project at a time. If you enjoyed this article, please sign up for his weekly newsletter Moving Up. Bob is the creator of Actions Speak Loudest: Keeping Our Promise for A Better World, a book designed to help us leave our children a better world than we inherited. He has produced two documentary films, is a contributor to the Huffington Post and Fast Company. He currently is Entrepreneur in Residence at the New School and is an instructor for the School of Visual Art’s Impact!: Design for Social Change program. As President of GALEWiLL Design, he is fortunate to have partnered with leading social change organizations such as the White House, Gates Foundation, PBS, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, The Clinton Foundation, Sesame Workshop, and the Ford Foundation among many others to help millions overcome obstacles on their way to a healthier and happier life. Most recently, Bob launched Moving Up: The Truth About Getting Ahead in America, an online platform designed to foster a more nuanced conversation around what the American Dream is and how more can achieve it. In that spirit, below is an alternative bio: “Bob McKinnon is the son of Daytona Roth, a former bartender who raised three children largely by herself in various row houses in Chelsea, Massachusetts and trailers in rural Pennsylvania. He is a proud former recipient of food stamps, welfare, Medicaid, Pell grants, student loans and numerous other government benefits. His educational and professional success would not be possible without the kindness and effort of countless teachers, mentors, social workers, non-profit professionals, friends, family and individuals – many of whom will never know their impact on his life. Oh, and he’s had his fair share of good luck, too. He currently lives in Hastings-on-Hudson with his wife and three little girls – who mean the very world to him.”

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