Bob Olson

Author of The Magic Mala and Answers About the Afterlife

Bob Olson is a writer who aims to inspire readers to improve themselves, follow their passions, and make the world a better place to live. He's the author of The Magic Mala (fiction, 2017) and Answers About The Afterlife (nonfiction, 2014). A former private eye, Bob used his investigation skills to explore the topic of life after death. In Answers About the Afterlife, he wrote what he learned about the afterlife in his 15-year investigation following the death of his father. In his newest book, The Magic Mala, he uses a fictional story to illustrate what he learned about life in that same investigation. When not writing, creating a new podcast episode, or working diligently on his websites, Bob Olson is often with his lovely wife, Melissa. Bob Olson is currently writing the screenplay for his latest book, The Magic Mala. To find out more visit:

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