Bobbi DePorter

President Quantum Learning Network

Bobbi DePorter is president of Quantum Learning Network, a leading education company producing SuperCamp summer enrichment programs now with 75,000 graduates and programs in 14 countries; and Quantum Learning Education, with schoolwide programs for teachers, administrators, students and parents. She has positively impacted over 100,000 teachers. Through these programs and the 8 Keys of Excellence movement, she has impacted more than twenty million young people over the last 30+ years. Bobbi is also president of Learning Forum International, a non-profit organization that delivers 8 Keys of Excellence character programs to families and schools and provides teacher-training and SuperCamp scholarships. Along with Stedman Graham, Bobbi co-founded CAYS Community Alliance for Youth Success, a volunteer collaborative giving youth a voice for change. CAYS produces Youth Success Week Oceanside, a national model for other communities. She is the author of over a dozen books including Excellence in Teaching and Learning: The Quantum Learning System, The Seven Biggest Teen Problems and How to Turn Them into Strengths, Quantum Teaching, Quantum Success and The 8 Keys of Excellence.;