Bobbi Palmer

Founder & CEO, Date Like a Grownup

Bobbi Palmer, founder and CEO of, is an internationally recognized authority who guides over-40 women to a life filled with the passion, companionship and lasting partnership that comes from creating a loving grownup relationship. Fed up with being single and determined to succeed in her romantic life (like she had in the rest of her life), Bobbi finally figured out ‘the love thing’ and became a first-time bride at age 47. Now joyfully married, she walks her talk every day as she helps women do what she did: learn how to love and be loved by a good man. Bobbi, known as The Compassionate Truth-Teller, is an author, speaker and expert dating and relationship coach. She has been featured on The Today Show, Huffington Post, NPR, Women’s World magazine,, AARP,, and numerous other TV, radio and print outlets. Contact her at