Brad Friedman

Investigative journalist, blogger, broadcaster

Brad Friedman is an investigative journalist, blogger, broadcaster, muckraker, troublemaker and publisher of <a href="">The BRAD BLOG</a>, where he has broken enumerable stories over the years on everything from issues of election integrity to media malfeasance to national security whistleblowers.<br /> <br /> He is the host of his own shown on KPFK/Pacifica Radio in Los Angeles, as well as the regular guest host for the nationally syndicated Mike Malloy Show.<br /> <br /> He is also the co-founder of <a href=""></a> and a Fellow at the progressive Commonweal Institute.<br /> <br /> Brad is a frequent guest on radio and TV and speaks across the country on a number of topics including election and media reform. He is also a frequent guest host on the radio for Mike Malloy, Randi Rhodes, Peter B. Collins and others.<br /> <br /> He is the recipient of a Project Censored award for "Excellent in Investigative Journalism", has contributed to a number of books and appears in a number of documentary films. See his <a href="">bio at The BRAD BLOG for more details...</a>