Brad Harrington

Executive Director and Research Professor, Boston College Center for Work & Family

Dr. Brad Harrington is the Executive Director of the Boston College Center for Work & Family (CWF) and a research professor in the Carroll School of Management. His research and teaching focus on career-life integration, the changing role of fathers, and contemporary workforce management strategies. He is the author of Career Management and Work-Life Integration and The New Dad, an 8-year research series exploring the changing role of fathers in the workplace and at home. His most recent study, "How Millennials Navigate Their Careers," was conducted with 1100 young adults working in one of 5 major global organizations. Prior to his arrival at Boston College, Dr. Harrington was an executive with Hewlett-Packard Company for 20 years serving in business leadership roles in the US and Europe. Brad and his wife, Dr. Annie Soisson, are the proud parents of three “Millennials.”