Emily Mounts, MS, CGC

Director of Genomics Services, Oregon Reproductive Medicine

Emily is a board-certified clinical genetic counselor and Director of the ORM Genomics program. She completed her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Michigan and her Master’s degree in Genetic Counseling at the Medical College of Virginia. She has been a clinical genetic counselor for 18 years, during which she has counseled thousands of patients to help them make informed choices about prenatal and preimplantation testing. She is actively involved in the genetic and family history screening of egg donors and prospective parents at ORM. Emily has a passion for helping patients and providers navigate the increasingly complex world of reproductive genomics and enjoys working with the ORM team to provide compassionate, individualized care for each patient. Her professional interests include the genetic causes of infertility, carrier screening, egg and sperm donor screening, prenatal diagnosis, and ethical issues in preimplantation genetic testing.

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