Brandon Perkins

Writer and Internetter

Brandon Perkins' debut digi-novel, Please Use Rear Exit, is currently streaming into and on the World Wide Web. It's about a few guys trying to get drunk and forget their girlfriends, just trying to survive in a world infested by squid invasions, invisible girl flirtations, and a bunch of buses inside The Internet. It's a multimedia experience that aims to blur the lines of fiction and how we ingest it.

Non-fictionally, Perkins is the Editor-At-Large of His writing on hip-hop was heralded by the Da Capo Best Music Writing anthology two years in a row, putting his stories on Lil Wayne and Wu-Tang Clan next to pieces penned by some of music journalism's best scribes. Before that, he was the Senior Editor of URB magazine and He also contributes (or contributed) to the Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly,, Orlando Weekly, and others.