Brandon Staglin

President, One Mind

Brandon Staglin is President of the international brain health research organization One Mind. He is also a student in UCSF's Master of Science in Healthcare Administration and Interprofessional Leadership program. He currently is collaborating with the Steinberg Institute and with the California state government to orchestrate a statewide learning healthcare network of early psychosis treatment centers. He sustains and participates in the direction of PsyberGuide, an online guide to digital therapies for mental health consumers. Mr. Staglin serves on advisory councils for Stanford University’s Prodrome and Early Psychosis Program Network (PEPPNET), and is a Stability Leader in The Stability Network. He is the recipient of the SAMHSA VOICE Award for Lifetime Achievement, the Mental Health America Clifford W. Beers Award, and the SARDAA Shattering Stigma—Realizing Recovery Award for his brain health advocacy. Mr. Staglin’s lived experience with schizophrenia and recovery makes him grateful to be living in health and happy every day he can contribute to the health of others.