Bree Walker


Bree Walker is a warrior. She decided early in life that her ectrodactyly, an inherited condition that produces a deformity of the hands and feet, would be no more than a nuisance in her drive to achieve her ambitions. In fact, she has at times turned it to her considerable advantage.

Bree's career in media began with rock and roll radio on KUDL-FM in Kansas City. But the Great Plains could only hold her for two years before she struck out for the challenge of New York. In short order, she was one of the Big Apple's top rock personalities and the first woman DJ in the coveted and competitive morning drive slot - while her own driving was often done wrapped around a Harley-Davidson. Lured away by San Diego's sun and surf, she became its highest-rated FM disc jockey ever then quickly made her transition to Television. Under her watchful eye as KGTV's consumer advocate reporter she successfully pushed to have laws changed, earning her a reputation for standing up for the "little guy". The largest Television market in the world took notice and in 1987 Bree became WCBS-TV's investigative reporter in addition to anchoring the 5 and the 11 o'clock news.

Advancing to the roll of main anchor, Bree moved to KCBS-TV in Los Angeles, where she anchored nightly evening and 11 o'clock broadcasts, winning her share of Golden Mike and Emmy Awards for the best newscasts in Southern California. She is particularly proud of her "in country" coverage of the wars in Somalia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Music and broadcast news make up only part of Bree's many enterprises. She has long been recognized as a disability rights advocate and a diversity-training expert. She has served on the President's Committee for Employment of People with Disabilities and the California Governor's Committee. A recipient of the Senator Robert Dole Foundation's Media Awareness Award and the National Courage Award, she was named by President George Bush (the first one) as one of his Thousand Points of Light.

Bree has most recently made headlines as the newest cast member of HBO's critically acclaimed series, Carnivale. She plays a character she not only successfully auditioned for but actually created and pitched to the executive producers. Embracing all that she is, Bree again let her "handicap" inform her sultry, mysterious character rather than hiding her uniqueness. And once again, becoming a unique story of daring, Bree the actress was most recently profiled in USA Today and The Los Angeles Times.

The mother of two teenagers, a painter, a sculptor and an accomplished equestrian, Bree runs a TV and movie production company with her former husband, Jim Lampley where they currently have 14 projects in development. Her credits include co-producer of the cult hit Welcome to Hollywood and Co-Executive Producer of NBC's Race Across America. She is a regular contributor to New Image magazine and other lifestyle publications and is a sought-after speaker on issues pertaining to diversity, self-esteem and longevity. With her best friend, Lerena Barbe, she has launched a forward-looking Weblog,, dedicated, as Bree says, to "wagging the dogma."

Fierce, compassionate and committed, Bree Walker is a warrior who never rests until big results are produced. Go ahead, Google her, we dare you!