Brenda Della Casa

Brenda Della Casa is a Writer, Digital Media Expert and Author. Founder: BDC Digital Media. Author, “Cinderella Was a Liar”.

Committed to bringing value to brands and the teams that run them, Brenda is a dynamic leader skilled at brand strategy, corporate marketing, product marketing, content marketing, consumer insights, design, media, communications, mentorship and social responsibility efforts. Referred to as "the smartest and most hard-working person I have ever had on my team" by globally-celebrated designer, Preston Bailey, Brenda is an experienced content director, writer and marketing strategist a demonstrated history of amplifying brands, boosting the ROI, increasing engagement and creating successful campaigns. She is a highly-skilled digital-native and print writer, author, editor, communicator and digital marketer and strategist with 15 + years experience in multi-platform content creation, audience development, media, marketing and brand building. A data-driven and purpose-led leader with a dedication to growing the brand and boosting the ROI, she has held high-level roles at Preston Bailey Designs, Staggered Magazine and has worked side-by-side with dozens of founders and CEOs as the founder of BDC Digital Media. She is a strong business development professional with a focus on leading inspired teams and creating industry-leading content that seamlessly blends commerce. In addition to her work in digital, she is an internationally-recognized author, features writer and columnist. Her book, Cinderella Was a Liar was printed in 11 countries and she has written for a long list of magazines and websites including,, HuffPost, YourTango, Glamour, Redbook, Cosmo, Women's Day, Men's Health, The Mirror, The Sun, The Daily News and dozens of other publications. A passionate supporter of diversity and mentorship as well as education, Brenda is the founder of two mentorship programs . She regularly speaks on the topics of leadership, mentorship and digital branding. She earned a B.A. from The American University where she was a P.O.T.U.S intern in the Press and Communications office.