Brian Walker

Founder and CEO, AE Marketing Group

Passionate about brands, philanthropy & business. An Inc. 5000 Entrepreneur, Brian is the CEO of AE Marketing Group.

Brian grew AE out of a walk-in closet to multi-million dollar growth & 22 consecutive quarters of profitability.

As CEO, he regularly advises F2000 executives on how to build brand beyond traditional marketing.

In 2013, Brian founded The CoCreation Lab Series™, which aligns companies & consumers to improve product development, employee engagement & customer experience.

In 2016, he founded The Brand Lab Series™, which features podcast, video & journalism content w/ executives & entrepreneurs from some of today’s most innovative brands.

AE Marketing Group is a Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business, 1871 Chicago Member Company & Inc. 5000 Company.

Brian is a member of Forbes Agency Council, a mentor at the Bunker Labs, a President's Board member of UCAN & oversees a portfolio of giving to 28 non-profits in the U.S. & Africa.