Brian Young

Managing Director, Corporate Action Network

Corporate Action Network Co-founder Brian Young is a key architect of the organization's vision and execution. Leading the strategy and technology of the Corporate Action Network, Brian is the creative force spearheading CAN’s long-term objectives.

Brian comes to the organization after a decade at the forefront of the digital revolution in politics. He worked in the earliest days of Howard Dean’s presidential campaign and he also has traditional political experience, including running a Congressional campaign and creating television ads for multiple political campaigns. He spent four years heading up the digital operations for John Kerry's political operation, raising millions of dollars from the members of Senator Kerry's three-million-person email list and guiding the creation of numerous cutting-edge organizing drives. Brian also headed the digital operations in John Kerry's Senate office and led the Web redesign of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Brian Young is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and has several worked with national and international networks in a variety of roles for various productions from major sporting events to feature films.

He retains an interest in photography, ran a marathon in under three hours (by Paul Ryan's reckoning), loves hiking and traveling, and thinks Baltimore is a lot more fun than Washington, DC.