Bridget Nielsen

Eco-Pioneer, Artist and Author of 'The Secret to Finding Passion in Your Career'

Bridget Nielsen is an artist, author, healer and eco-bridger. She's the co-founder of, a project to develop eco regenerative communities around the world created with new economic, environmental and social structures.

Bridget has worked with Disney and Warner Bros. to create programs for children to open up to their own gifts and release their fears with fun, playful and imaginative outlets. She inspires Generation Y's careers and lives with her coaching and new book The Secret to Finding Passion in Your Career where she reawakens the confidence, self-worth and dreams of college graduates and mid-20-year-olds to have careers they love. She is a graduate of Pepperdine University with a double major in Fine Arts and Business Administration.

Bridget is a "bridge" to a new world paradigm connecting people to higher frequencies beings and energies through her essence paintings, mediumship, books and projects. Bridget has trained with world-renowned healers throughout California, culminating in years of experience in Soul Memory Discovery, Mission/Purpose Guidance, Extraterrestrials and Mediumship.

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