Brooke Siler

Personal Trainer and Celebrity Pilates Instructor

Pilates expert Brooke Siler has gracefully catapulted herself from fitness expert to celebrity Pilates guru in record time. As a strong voice in the world of Pilates Siler is not only responsible for the toning and re-shaping of some of the world’s most famous bodies but she has also helped change the way the world views fitness, health and beauty. Author of The New York Times bestseller – The Pilates Body (Broadway Books/2000) Siler was one of the first to make Pilates accessible to the masses and consequently helped, change the nation’s very image of fitness.

In 2003 Siler released her audio kit, The Pilates Body Kit (Padma Media/St. Martin Griffin), containing audio CD’s, flashcards and workbook. In January 2006 Siler released her second, much anticipated book, Your Ultimate Pilates Body Challenge (Broadway Books/2006) and in September 2008 Siler released her first DVD, Pilates Weight Loss for Beginners. As owner of the wildly successful Pilates’ studio, re:AB in her native New York City, Siler has altered the fitness landscape with a decidedly fresh and holistic approach to working out. Considered the master sculptor behind some of the most lithe and sleek physiques in Hollywood and on runways, Siler’s celebrity clientele includes Zooey DesChanel, Madonna, Kirsten Dunst, Liv Tyler, and Rachel Weisz.

Brooke’s fitness proficiency may in fact be genetic. Her father, a Track & Field athlete and Olympic hopeful, was an early influence. As the youngest of six robust children, including four brothers, Siler was constantly encouraged to develop her physical skills. Although she never dreamed of becoming a fitness expert, a brief stint at a health club is where Siler originally saw her passion for fitness. “People noticed how dedicated I was to my own workouts,” recalls Siler, “My enthusiasm was the attraction. Others saw how much I enjoyed what I was doing and began asking me to train them!”

Honing her skills in health clubs for almost 15 years before entering the world of Pilates, Siler knew the key to a successful fitness regimen is motivation and creativity. Always believing that exercise is more than just physical exertion but an opportunity for mental and physical alignment, Brooke proved an early proponent of fitness as an essential element to a fulfilling lifestyle. Her fresh approach and dedication to clients earned her a prestigious early citation as one of the top personal trainers in the country by Vogue magazine.

Having spent over 600 hours under the master tutelage of Romania Kryzanowska, a protégé of Joseph Pilates for 30+ years, Brooke has taken the venerated Pilates Body Conditioning techniques to a whole new level of worldwide awareness. “My interest is in showing people that Pilates will forever change the way you walk, run, sit, stand, look and feel. And the Pilates mat work can be done anywhere!” exclaims Siler.