Bruce Judson

Vice President of Marketing, First Stop Health; Author, <i>It Could Happen Here</i>; Former Senior Faculty Fellow Yale Management School

Vice President of Marketing at First Stop Health & Senior Adviser, Tern Plc. Former Senior Faculty Fellow, Yale Management School and former "Braintruster," New Deal 2.0 (the Roosevelt Institute). Bestselling author, of books on business success and public policy in the evolving digital economy, including <i>It Could Happen Here<i> (HarperCollins), <i>Go It Alone!</i> (HarperBusiness), <i>HyperWars</I> (Scribner), <i>NetMarketing</i> (Random House/Wolff</i>. Named by <i>Advertising Age</i> in magazine's first-ever list as one of the nation's leading digital marketers.