Else Byskov

Author of 6 spiritual books, an authority on Martinus, passionate hiker and vegetarian

Today I am an authority on Martinus (1890-1981), the Danish philosopher, visionary and mystic. But before I came across the Martinus material (comprising over 9000 pages), I was a convinced atheist for many years, so it came as quite a surprise that I became an author of spiritual books. I was also a searching soul, and because I was looking for answers, these answers eventually came to me. The answers came in the shape of a book about Martinus that ´happened´ to fall into my hands. As soon as I became acquainted with the Martinus material, I got so excited that I had to tell somebody about it, because here I found logical answers to my many question about life, death and the mystery of both. I have now written 5 books about aspects of Martinus´world view: "Death Is an Illusion" (a general introduction to Martinus´fantastic world picture), "The Art of Attraction" (about the law of attraction, including totally unknown aspects of the law), "The Undiscovered Country – A Non-religious Look at Life after Death" (presenting all the evidence for life after death), "The Beginning Is Near" (previously called "Ten Great Ways to Understand the World") (a short introduction to the Martinus material in 10 easy steps) and “The Downfall of Marriage – The Great Transformation Within” (an explanation of the transformation of our sexual poles). Today I am no longer an atheist and I am fully convinced that there is no death: death is an illusion. All my books present the logical basis for this claim. I am Danish. I have university degrees in Spanish and English philology and I mostly write in English. Four of my books have been published in Danish ("Loven for tiltrækning", "Ti nye måder at se verden på", "Døden er en Illusion", "Ægteskabets nedtur"), one in German ("Der Tod ist eine Illusion") and the Spanish version of "Death Is an Illusion" was published in 2011 with the title: "La muerte es una ilusión". I also write hiking books. So far two titles have been published in Danish: "Fod på Andalusien" og "Fod på Andalusien 2". In English I have published "On Foot in Andalucía" which has become an Amazon bestseller. The same book has come out in German with the title: "Zu Fuss in Andalusien". I am an enthusiastic hiker and Andalucía is an eldorado for hikers with wild, untouched nature galore. I live in southern Spain with my husband. I hike and write. My children are all grown up. My websites:

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