Sally Fay

I am a writer and a filmmaker

Sally Fay is a native Californian whose travels have taken her to East, West and South Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Central and South America, and Asia. She was born in San Francisco, and lived in Lausanne, Switzerland; McLean, VA; Marbella and Madrid, Spain; New York City and Bedford Hills, NY; and Cambridge, MA. Sally Fay began her career in New York City right after graduating from the University of California/Berkeley. Her first job in the film and entertainment world was for commercial director, Christopher Dixon. Later she went on to work with the production team who launched what is now the Arts and Entertainment Channel creating documentary and entertainment programming. At ABC/Hearst she worked as part of a three person team that produced a minute long series, called ARTSMINUTE, an interview series, called ARTSINTERVIEWS, and a feature length documentary about Spoleto’s Dance Competition in South Carolina. Throughout the years of being mother to three children, as her primary job, she continued her work with film and writing, producing short films for non-profits to better illustrate their strengths, “Watertalk,” for the Natural Resources Defense Counsel, “Maximizing Courage,” for the Max Warburg Courage Curriculum, and, “Bruce Shaw Tribute,” Shady Hill School in Cambridge, MA. In addition to which, in 2006, she returned to school to get a degree in digital filmmaking at Boston University/Center for Digital Imaging Arts. She has written, produced and directed two original narrative short films, “Patty’s Fantasy,” and “The Birthday Dinner.” Sally, also, enjoys acting, and guest starred, as various characters that she created, in a CCTV comedy series in Cambridge, MA. She,also, has appeared in small roles, in three features, “Message in a Bottle,” “Curtain Call,” and “Alma Mater.” Sally frequently contributed to IMAGINE magazine, a monthly publication catering to the film and television community in New England, writing profiles, some for the cover, on individuals such as, “The Fog of War,” (Academy Award Winner) film editor, Karen Schmeer; Governor Deval Patrick; Alec Baldwin; Rory Kennedy, and many more. Sally has appeared, as herself, in two documentaries, in Harrison Engle’s, “The Lost Kennedy Home Movies,” on The History Channel, and “JFK’s Goddaughter Video-John F. Kennedy,” on In 2010, Sally began as a contributing writer for Huffington Post when Arianna Huffington and Nora Ephron asked her to be one of the bloggers to help launch, The Divorce Blog. As Huffington Post expanded so did the topics that Sally writes about, and continues to. Her topics range from Art and Culture, Film,Travel, Civic issues, and more recently, about Alzheimer’s. “It’s A Crazy Situation,”LLC, is Sally's current documentary work in progress, and very personal experience alongside close friends and family who have been affected by a loved one with Early Onset Alzheimer’s. The film hopes to show how everyone is impacted, and how love, and living in the present, takes on new meaning.