Camilo Jimenez

22-year-old founder of Ecopuntas

Camilo is from Colombia and is the 22-years-old founder of Ecopuntas.

In a region where only seven percent of people recycle, Camilo has seen users of Ecopuntos walk long distances and do queues to recycle their residuals and win prizes for preserving the environment. In 52 days, they have recycled 16,400 soft drink containers that have prevented 2.271 kgs of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere -- the same CO2 that is emitted by 100 TVs turned on for 95 days in a row.

Camilo is inspired to think that although he is young, he is able to leave a mark on the world. He is also inspired to know that an idea can make the difference, and that being able to take risks empowers youth.

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