Candace van Dell

Spiritual Coach, Author, Speaker

Searching for her place in the world lead Candace to a higher understanding of herself and the Universe. We are not humans having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Candace grew up very energetically sensitive, always feeling things more extreme than those closest to her. She was a free thinker and had unconventional gifts. Candace wanted to fit into society but her inner calling as a spiritual healer was not recognized in the mainstream (out of date) educational system. Candace decided at a young age to take the path less traveled and became an international model & actress. She traveled the world for many years working and expanding her perspective. As exciting as this was, it was not the answer to her deeper longing. Candace started waking up to the reality that she was never meant to fit into the old societal paradigms but that she was here to help build the new systems by being the change.  When we are born with differences, we are here to make a difference.  In 2009 she followed her higher calling and went inward. As a lifelong yoga student, Candace got certified as a yoga teacher from Pure yoga in New York City. In 2011 she started a two year Masters program in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica and in 2015 became a certified Reiki Practitioner in Los Angeles. Today Candace uses her extraordinary gift of intuition and insight to assist people in their own inner awakening to their inner Truth. She offers a new spiritual perspective and teaches her Spiritual Fitness tools from her workbooks that facilitate empowerment and a consistent connection to the true self.  She also created SOUL LAB, 6 week eCourses and online workshops. She works with many models and actors as well as business leaders, students and teachers from all over the world via Skype.  Candace also has a very successful YouTube channel called TruthRoom TV where she shares her channeled wisdom and insights.  Recently Candace became the co-host of a radio/tv show called "All About Indigos" on Universal Broadcasting Network.  Her show discusses the evolution, the truth about ADHD, education reform, new paradigms of understanding and the over medicating of children.  This show airs LIVE every Wednesday at 3pm PST and can be found on Itunes and Channel 1 "We are so much more than the limiting messages we receive from society, we are a soul having a human experience."   True success and harmony is maintained by being honest about how you feel and living in alignment with the spiritual laws we access through our heart. SOUL LAB  is Candace's 6 week online program that focuses on clearing the misinterpretations, wounds and misunderstandings that arise due to our conditioning and childhood perceptions.  Candace's work is to facilitate full alignment with the soul, purpose and to promote balance and harmony in our lives on all levels.  Her video based program is perfect for ages 18 and up!  In this course you will clear unwanted patterns, understand the messages behind your negative emotions and master your ability to connect with and communicate with your own "wise guide inside" or inner guidance. Candace lives in Malibu California with her husband and two dogs Bodhi and Honey Bee. For more information on how to Work with Candace, feel free to head on over to her Coaching Page. Or email For her "Daily Dose" of Wisdom, please head on over to her YouTube Channel.