Cheryl Peavy

Best selling Author, Speaker and Inner Life Coach Specialist

Cheryl Peavy is Founder of She Is You Fearfully and Wonderfully Made. She works with young girls and women of diverse backgrounds faced with life traumatic situations are nurtured and supported resulting in personal abundant growth and transformation. Cheryl also helps women find their inner beauty through God. She gives inspiring messages of strength and courage. Cheryl says her greatest accomplishment is her son. Born on September 11th 2011, the day the twin towers went down. He challenges her daily and has given her the strength to go one after the loss of her mom and grandmother in 2012. Cheryl is a best seller co-author of “Fabulous New Life Volume II” Aprille Franks-Hunt, Saba Tekle’s “20 Most Beautiful Women.” And Sharon Blake “ I Am Beautiful The Evolution of Beauty.” Cheryl is also the author of an eBook, “Take All the Time You Need” that shares her personal experience with grief, and the five stages of grief. Cheryl is a speaker and Certified Inner Life Coach Specialist. Cheryl is a member of National Council of Negro Women. She is a contributing writer for Authentically You Magazine. When she is not serving in her many capacities, Cheryl loves to read, cook and write. To contact Cheryl, visit her website at