Captain Sage Fox

Military Veteran, Transgender Army Captain

Captain Sage Fox is a seasoned military veteran with over twenty years of experience in creating change within local, state and federal organizations. Her life experiences range from a high of being a wandering vagabond to a low of working as an IT Director for a Fortune 500 company. Concurrent with her work as an IT Consultant in California, she's actively engaged in multiple levels of activism for both LGBT and Veteran's causes.

CPT Fox enlisted in the Army in 1993, trained and served with Special Forces and worked for the Army Chief of Staff before receiving a direct commission as a Signal Officer in 2009. She was the first transgender Soldier invited to openly serve in uniform as her identified gender. When she's not fighting for a cause or consulting she spends her time with her four children, at the gym, on her motorcycle, or running barefoot on the Northern California trails.

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