Carlynne McDonnell

Carlynne is a passionate social justice/women's equality activist and author of The Every Woman's Guide to Equality.

Author Carlynne McDonnell has been a passionate and outspoken proponent of social justice and equality for over twenty five years. She has worked in fields considered non-traditional for women and has personally seen and been on the receiving end of inappropriate and unequal/inequitable behavior. She has contributed to, The Grindstone,, EVOXTV and has been interviewed on NPR, morning talk and College and University radio. Carlynne has presented workshops nationally on women’s equality and effective communication, leadership development, mentoring, and self-value all designed to educate and empower women to seek the best for themselves and others. She has served on Equal Pay panels, presented at the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women meeting, the National Conference of College Women Student Leaders, the National Collegiate Leadership Conference women’s organizations, multiple colleges and universities, and for the US Marine Corp. Carlynne has a Master’s in Public Policy and has been working in the corporate, education and non-profit worlds for over 30 years. Working on the docks in Galveston and then at an East Coast Railroad, Carlynne was the recipient of and witness to discrimination and sexual harassment, pay inequality, and disrespect for women. As a result of these experiences, she became active in the quest for equality by participating in women’s organization that sought change. Not satisfied with the status quo or the lack of movement to achieving real equality, Carlynne created Change in Our Lifetime, Inc. to push for education and action and women’s equality.