Carla Melucci Ardito

Yoga Teacher, Somatic Therapist

Carla Melucci Ardito is a New York City based somatic therapist and teacher who has been personally experiencing, studying, and exploring the art of healing for over 40 years. Carla is a graduate of NYU, and a lifetime student of yoga. She is committed to studying how we can improve the condition of the human mind by looking for answers in the human body. A student of psychology for years and a dissatisfaction with talk therapy, led to her highly effective technique for helping people heal their lives. It became clear to Carla that there existed an absolute connection between our struggles to find and keep healthy relationships and a satisfying career, and the struggles of our childhoods, and it is now her life's passion to help others understand how looking back with full awareness, can help us to heal and move forward. She is forever indebted to, and grateful for all of her teachers, especially Julie Motz, who put the science behind healing through emotional processing, and Sylvie Erb for the practical and applicable knowledge of how conflict within the mind, always creates conflicts within the body. Carla teaches a breathing workshop at The Integral Yoga Institute and has developed the app called “Breathing Lessons” (voted by Apple as one of the best Health and Fitness apps in 2012). She can be heard from time to time on the Sirius Radio show “Doctor Radio. You can follow her on Twitter @healingthepast or @breathguru or on her Facebook pages, Resolution Therapy or Breathing Lessons.

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