Carmen Wong Ulrich

Author, "The Real Cost of Living", TV/print personal finance expert.<br /> Carmen Wong Ulrich is the former host of CNBC’s daily personal finance show, <em>On the Money</em> and can be seen regularly on <em>The Today Show</em>, MSNBC and CNN. She is an expert contributor to and is <em>Glamour</em> magazine’s personal finance expert. You may have also seen Carmen on <em>The View, Nightly News with Brian Williams</em>, as well as <em>HLN</em>, <em>The Rachel Ray Show</em>, and the <em>CBS Early Show</em>. She has also been a week-long expert lifeline on the nationally syndicated game show <em>Who Wants to Be a Millionaire</em>.<br /> <br /> You can catch Carmen on dozens of radio shows nationwide including Oprah’s XM radio network,<em> Wall Street Journal</em> Radio and The Cooper Lawrence Show. <br /> <br /> Carmen also writes for <em>Parade magazine</em> and has been the financial advice columnist for <em>Latina magazine</em>, <em>Essence</em>, <em>Men’s Health magazine</em> and Her advice has been highlighted i<em>n U.S. News & World Report</em>, the <em>Washington Post</em>, <em>Elle</em>, <em>Self</em>, <em>Redbook</em>, Yahoo! Finance and many others.<br /> <br /> The author of the under-40 guide to personal finance, <em>Generation Debt: Take Control of Your Money</em>, Carmen is the former special projects editor at <em>Money magazine</em>. Her second book, <em>The Real Cost of Living</em>, will be released by Perigee/Penguin in December 2010.<br /> <br /> She has a master’s degree in psychology from Columbia University, Teachers College, a B.A. from Fairfield University and lives with her family in Brooklyn.