Carol A Miele


I'm a retired nurse who has always loved writing, painting and drawing. My creative juices began to flow after I retired from a 45 year nursing career and had more time to devote to creative pursuits. Following a diagnosis of Stage 4 (metastatic) breast cancer 10 months into retirement, I felt compelled to write about this disease as it's so misunderstood. There are many gaps in knowledge or a lack thereof. I wanted to help others walking in my shoes as I learned quite a bit after my initial treatment. My 1st book, 'Metastatic Madness', was published in 2012. It's primarily about learning to cope with a Stage 4 diagnosis as its both incurable and terminal. The 2nd book is titled 'Kicking Cancer to the Curb!' and was published in 2015. I've also written 10 articles for the Huffington Post, both on the topic of cancer and on other life experiences....always with a sense of humor which I feel helps adjust to many of life's disappointments, failures and surprises. My husband Gene and I live in central Florida with our dog Flora, a rescue and devoted companion. We have 2 married daughters and 4 grandchildren that we adore. We love to travel and meet new people. Life is what you make of it!