Carol Realini

Veteran entrepreneur

Carol Realini is a successful veteran entrepreneur with three decades of technology experience. She has successfully lead companies through initial public offerings, as well as, into acquisitions. Carol is passionate about improving people’s lives through delivering universal and affordable access to financial services through mobile technology. She has focused her latest venture, Obopay, on addressing this issue.

There are now over 4 billion mobile phones in the world with penetration of mobile phones even in the remotest areas of the world; however, there are only around 1.5 billion people with access to bank accounts. Carol’s vision to start Obopay took root when she witnessed this first hand while traveling in Africa, where she saw people with mobile phones who were un-served by traditional banking. By leveraging the growing mobile network, Carol had the vision to use mobile technology to bring access to financial services to people that have never had them before. Access to banking through mobile devices holds the promise to bridge the gap in access to financial services and in doing so the potential to empower the life and work of millions of people and small businesses around the world.

Obopay was selected as a 2010 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum for its work in this area. Carol has also worked to craft partnerships with leading financial institutions such as Citi, MasterCard and FIS Global; and by mobile carriers and technology providers such as AT&T, Verizon, Nokia and Qualcomm in order to help realize her vision.

Obopay now has live services in four markets around the world including the Obopay and the MasterCard MoneySend services in the US, the Nokia Money service in India, the YuCash by Obopay service in Kenya and Yoban’tel by Obopay in Senagal.

Carol and Obopay have also been recognized for achievements over the years including:

- In 2010, Carol was recognized as one of the most influential women in Silicon Valley by the Silicon Valley Business Journal
- In 2010, Obopay was recognized as a Technology Pioneers by The World Economic Forum
- In 2010, Obopay was recognized by MIT Technology Review as one of the 50 Most Innovative Companies
- In 2008, Carol was named one of the 50 Top Women in Technology by Corporate Board Member magazine.
- In 2007, Obopay was awarded the Fierce Wireless Fierce 15 Award, bestowed on the "most innovative private companies set to take the industry to another level."
- In 2000, Call Center Magazine awarded Carol Call Center Pioneer Award, signifying achievements that have had a significant impact on the call center industry. Peppers and Rogers One-To-One Marketing Group named Carol a One-To-One Pioneer and McGraw Hill recognized her with a prestigious listing in the Top 100 Women in Computing.