Carol Smaldino


Carol Smaldino, CSW, is a social work psychotherapist for over thirty years. She has relocated from the New York area to divide her time between Colorado and Italy. She still works with families, and does consultations in both locations and in New York as well. Her work is both deep and practical, though she admits that she'd "be nowhere without humor on tap". After wanting to save the world for a long time, she has "settled" for the more modest and partial processes of attending to emotional issues as being connected to our political states of distraction, coldness and fear. Her current project is a book coming out in 2017 with Dignity Press, called "Talking out loud about the Human Climate". She well knows and learns over and again, that to work on mental health and social issues means attending to her own insides, shadows if you will.
Although she feels not always "grown up enough to be married" Carol is in fact married to Lino, whom she met in Italia ages and ages ago. She feels she has been married many times, albeit to the same man who has changed as well.
A staunch liberal she would like for more of us to value the part emotional depth and practice ( a kind of "feelings fitness") play in becoming more connected, empathic and effective. Carol lectures, and collaborates, on subjects of bullying (from the inside out), the human climate, taking the power out of power (going from power struggles to relationships) and more. At this point she is very interested in white racism.