Carole Bartolotto, MA, RD

Registered Dietitian, Speaker, Educator, Author

Carole Bartolotto, MA, RD, is a registered dietitian based in the Los Angeles area with over 25 years of experience. For more than 10 years she was the nutrition expert for Kaiser Permanente in the southern California region and in some cases beyond. She likes to stay on top of the latest research and translate it into actionable steps that can transform health. Carole has spoken at many conferences and symposia on a variety of subjects including diet and heart disease, weight management, trendy foods, healthy eating, low-carb diets, plant-based diets, sugar, genetically modified foods, and more. She has written articles for Kaiser Permanente, Yahoo Food, and Civil Eats and has published articles on the plant-based diet and sugar and artificial sweeteners in the peer-reviewed Permanente Journal. She has been interviewed on radio and TV and featured in articles in Elle Magazine,, and the New York Times.