Carole Bennett, MA

Substance abuse counselor; activist; author, 'Reclaim Your Life: You and the Alcoholic/Addict'

For the majority of my adult life I have dealt with the torture of my family’s substance abuse. My then husband was a self proclaimed alcoholic, his son a heroin addict and our daughter a garbage pail from Mushrooms to Methamphetamine. For years, I didn’t understand that the signs of disengagement or mercurial emotions could be indicators of addiction, until reality smacked me in the face as I discovered blood-stained needles and noticed my daughter’s cutting, regurgitating and basically checking out from the 6th grade on.

When my marriage and career ended, I returned to school for a Master’s in Clinical Psychology and found myself gravitated to the study of substance abuse. I wanted to learn as much as I could about addiction, and help others by combining my own first hand experiences as well as professional education.

Building from a foundation working at the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center and other recovery programs, I went on to establish my private practice –- Family Recovery Solutions; a platform consisting of helping my clients understand addiction as well as re-building their self worth and dignity.

I am on the data base for the Hazelden Treatment Centers and have lectured at a number of rehabilitation centers as well as schools and universities.

I am currently writing a book entitled HEARTACHE TO HOPE – Learning to Live with the Alcoholic/Addict.

My nationwide phone counseling service offers a free 60 minute session to anyone with questions or concerns about addiction. I invite you to my website at and my toll-free number is (877) 222-6002.