Carolee Nance Kolve

Former computer marketing executive, volunteer, wife, mother, grandmother, tennis player, sub-standard golfer, traveler, reader, historian, pet lover, and writer.

Carolee Nance Kolve is a Stanford Alumna who had a highly successful marketing and management career in the computer industry, first with IBM and then as an independent consultant. Her career took her all over the world, but when she landed in Portland, Oregon, as IBM's first female Marketing Manager, Carolee met her husband, Jerry Kolve. "I am fond of telling people that we met while playing tennis—a sport we continue to love and pursue to this day—but the truth is he was playing tennis and I was sipping a glass of wine (and thinking about tennis)." They have four sensational grown children and five completely perfect grandchildren, but they are also drawn to the bucket list. Australia in 2013, Africa in 2014, and still only in the "A's"! Carolee started writing on technology back in the 80's and has since moved into short stories about family, pets, travels and tribulations.