Carolyn W. Paddock

Founder of Life In Flight. Coach. Travel Insider. Helping People get from A to B

Carolyn Paddock is a coach, travel expert, and entrepreneur who specializes in helping brilliant people get from A to B in their lives and their travels. Motivated by a desire to see the world and learn through experience, she began her career as a flight attendant for Delta Air Lines. Her intelligence and intuitive understanding of human nature made her a natural fit for private aviation, and Carolyn soon found herself flying some of the world’s most successful and driven thought leaders around the world. As the founder and CEO of In-Flight Insider she parlayed her aviation expertise into travel and lifestyle advice. After spending more than 20 years flying executives and sharing her advice, she has cultivated a deep understanding of high-level minds. Through her experiences she has come to believe that a happy, healthy personal life drives a successful career. She launched Life in Flight to help highly motivated, successful people reach their next destination in their careers and lives. Carolyn holds a certificate in Executive and Personal Coaching from NYU, and received a Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare certificate from the Harvard Medical School Department of Continuing Medical Education. She has been interviewed by various media outlets, including Forbes, CNBC, CNN, MSNBC, TIME, and The Washington Post. In addition, Carolyn maintains current FAA Crew Member Emergency Training qualifications.