Carrie Hammer

Founder, CARRIE HAMMER Custom Apparel -- Made-to-Measure Custom Dresses, Work Style Expert

Carrie Hammer started her career as an advertising sales executive and often heard that she should "dress for the job she wanted not the job she had." Inspired by this premise she began the custom fit professional line for women, CARRIE HAMMER. The line CARRIE HAMMER is based upon the premise that clothing should be made to fit the woman, not the other way around.

Hammer is a fashionable tech geek who loves everything having to do with both the Internet and the fashion on the runways. She is an entrepreneur who has a passion for empowering women in the workplace. She is an expert on fashion and women in the workplace.

Hammer is also passionate about cancer research and is a proponent for the Salk Institute, on the cabinet of the NY Salk Institute ExCellerators, and is also an active supporter of the UCLA Revlon Breast Center.