Carrie Budds

Carrie is a Personal Trainer, Mother, Writer and Sports Fanatic. She runs Carrie Small Plate Health & Fitness, offering classes and online programs specifically for mothers and women in their 30s to take back control of their health & fitness.

It started with a plate... More than 10 years ago, I sat at my table bloated, unhealthy and overweight. I started to take control with one small step. I decided to have my dinner on a small dinner plate, and fill it with healthy food. And I got active. More than a decade later and here I am – much healthier, happier and fitter, and still bearing the nickname “Carrie Small Plate” from my family. All thanks to that Small Plate. I now delightedly work as a Personal Trainer and fitness instructor, and I use my blog to share exercise tips, recipes, workout plans, and general lifestyle bits and pieces that helped me (and are still helping me) to become the more balanced person I am today.

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