Catherine Garvin

Writer, Author, Honeybee Whisperer

Writer, author and honeybee researcher Catherine Garvin began her study of the honeybee in the urban landscape of Portland, Oregon U.S.A. in the fall of 2011 by mapping out the entire westside of the city for year-round trees, shrubs and flowers for honeybees now called, "The Bee Baseline Portland Project." Oregon country girl to New York City actress and now honeybee whisperer Garvin's passion and curiosity fuel her to write about the day-to-day experiences in her homeland where hope is possible for the honeybee in a year-round honeybee habitat. Join, read and discover the wonders of life through Garvin's adventures. Psst, and occasionally, Garvin has been known to write about fashion, knitting, art, mermaids, music and anything Parisian...Wishing you many honeybee blessings