Cathy Fink

GRAMMY® Award winning artist/producer specializing in family music and in multiple roots music styles.

TWO-TIME GRAMMY® Award Winner CATHY FINK is a performer, producer and songwriter specializing in roots music that includes traditional and contemporary folk, old-time country, swing, and bluegrass. She began her career in 1972 in folk clubs in Montreal, Canada and since 1984 has primarily worked in a duo with string-wizard and songwriter Marcy Marxer.

Cathy is a champion clawhammer banjo player, world class yodeler and multi-instrumentalist. Together, Cathy & Marcy have been honored with 60+ awards in folk, bluegrass and children’s music from the Washington Area Music Association. Cathy & Marcy have toured the US, Canada, Great Britain, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, China, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and Israel.

The Fink & Marxer duo think of themselves as “Social Music Conductors”, encouraging folks of all ages to celebrate music together. Renowned artists performing and recording for kids and family audiences, their career spans over 30 years together. Cathy is a master of the five-string clawhammer banjo style and plays guitar, ukulele and fiddle. Her original songs have won the John Lennon Songwriting contest, USA songwriting Contest and and have been recorded by artists worldwide. Her forty+ year career includes tours of the US, Canada, Japan, China, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, The British Isles, Israel and South Africa.

Cathy is also an organizer of musical events such as Ashokan's Family Music Camp, Strathmore’s “Uke & Guitar Summit”, the Birchmere’s “Old Time Banjo Festival” and countless fundraising concerts that led her to co-author the book, “Note By Note: A Guide to Concert Production”. She has produced over 70 recordings of other artists.

Cathy’s email signature sums up the craziness:
Farm owner, Half-Marathon Runner, Tunester, Songster, Happiness Creator, Event Instigator, Storyteller, Social Music Conductor!, CEO-Chief EVERYTHNG Officer @ Cathy & Marcy World Enterprises (including hole puncher), Optimist, Recycler, Cycler, Travel Agent, Bookkeeper, Shipping Clerk, Secretary, Label Manager, Artist Rep., Grammy Winner, Banjo Player, Pro Bono Advisor, Satirist, Content Creator, Dishwasher, Salt Lover, Songwriter, Activist, Chameleon, Hat Changer

Nat Hentoff of The Progressive and Village voice stated, " Her sound, phrasing, and resilient time combine with a compelling presence."