Cathy Lanyard

Executive Director of American Friends of ALYN Hospital

“Working every day to raise the funds needed to empower physically disabled children to reach their highest possible levels of mobility, independence and function is truly a labor of love. It is also the ideal expression of my immense gratitude that God blessed me with two healthy children. I have great difficulty in asking for anything for myself but I can ask anyone to help these kids.” Cathy Lanyard has been fundraising her entire adult life. She started as a volunteer grassroots organizer by building a playground in her community – valued at $1,000,000 - for nothing. Cathy parlayed her hands-on experiences into a career that earned her the National Association for Female Executives’ WOMAN OF ACHIEVEMENT award in recognition of her vision and creativity and passion to help other women succeed in business. Fundraising Magazine also commended Cathy’s career choice when they recognized her as one of their MOST SUCCESSFUL WOMEN IN FUNDRAISING. Ms. Lanyard loves to mentor young women entering the nonprofit world and was involved in Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government benchmarking study of Strategic Management of Nonprofit Resources. Cathy credits a lifetime of experience in both the profit and nonprofit worlds for the success she has achieved in running a nonprofit. As Executive Director of the American Friends of ALYN Hospital (Israel’s premiere comprehensive pediatric and orthopedic rehabilitation Center in Jerusalem) and the Canadian Friends of ALYN, Cathy has taken a fifty year old organization and given it new life. She is responsible for a broad outreach program to educate and raise awareness of ALYN, diversified the overall fund raising program, developed a website, created interactive programming for young students and collaborates with her Israeli counterparts in running WHEELS OF LOVE - a five day International Charity Bike Ride in Israel - that is now the largest event of its kind in the Middle East and attracts riders from over 15 countries. Lanyard is a graduate of Northwestern University and holds degrees in English and Theater. Cathy belongs to the Association of Professional Fundraisers, Women in Development, the Direct Marketing Club of America and NAFE and is the proud mother of an adult son and daughter.