Cathy Lee Taylor

Author, Empowerment Strategist and Entrepreneur. A Shero who loves life's journey and wants to help others do the same.

Cathy Lee Taylor is the author of Always Choose Love: Six Steps to Open Your Heart and Transform Your Life available on Amazon

From 30+ years of studying yoga and a near-death experience at ages 35 and 51, Taylor now calls herself an Empowerment Strategist and has developed a method to help mid-life women (and men) leave complacency behind, learn to empower themselves and realize their dreams.

By connecting with her Essence daily, Taylor claims that women can take the onus off of ageing. Mid-life signals that it's time for a woman to live authentically; realize your inner power and give yourself permission to act. Because if not now, then when?

For those finding themselves at cross-roads in mid-life, craving more freedom and independence, Always Choose Love introduces them to the way of the “Shero.” A Shero is a woman who puts experiencing feeling love as her first priority. She understands that her daily, predominant thoughts and feelings are what shape her life outcomes. And she is determined to take control of that process and live the life she desires.

Taylor also created the term “Queendom” to describe a woman’s natural state of Being that occurs when you connect to your Essence. A Shero knows she is succeeding on her journey as her Queendom takes on more qualities of higher consciousness.

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