Catherine Bauknight

Photojournalist / Documentary Filmmaker

Catherine Bauknight is a Documentary Filmmaker and Photojournalist based in Los Angeles.She is also an educator and offers workshops on "documenting your culture". She works with photo agency Zuma Press and other news agencies and outlets in still photography and videography and is available for freelance work in photography and videography news and documentaries. Her documentary films include 8-time award winning, "Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty". Her most recent film "Fashion and Culture in Los Angeles" is near completion. She has taught Photography at California State University, Fullerton, California State Polytechnic University and other educational facilities. She is teaching workshops on how to document cultures at Universities and High Schools throughout the U.S. Her blog for Huffington Post continues from 2015 to date covering much of the background of Hawaiian Sovereignty, entertainment in Los Angeles, film and book reviews, and feature stories including travel. example (Non-Violence via @theworldpost). Her roots in photojournalism are based in Charlotte, NC. with the Charlotte Observer, NY Times, Time Magazine, Newsweek, USA Today, People Magazine, Rolling Stone and others. Her coverage of historical news events and political changes based on social and indigenous culture and ethnography internationally include the Tiananmen Square Massacre - China, Ethiopia - Bad Water, Renaissance of the Catawba Indians- S.C., Muhammad Ali Tour - U.S., Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement - Hawaii, Tuberculosis Epidemic - Peru, Old South vs. New South - North and South Carolina. She is the recipient of two National Endowment of the Arts awards. Her photo essay of the "Renaissance of the Catawba Indians" was exhibited at the U.S.C. Native American Studies Center 2015-2016, originally exhibited at the Capitol Building in Washington, DC. Public Art is one of Bauknight's favorite ways of reaching the public with a message. Eight by nine foot murals of the photographs of the Tiananmen Square Massacre have been exhibited at educational facilities throughout the South, Boston, and the Los Angeles area. In Charlotte, N.C. a 29x9 foot mural hangs at the Panthers Stadium, "Metamorphosis". This photographic mural depicts the changes in Charlotte as it developed into an international city during the era of the building of the NFL stadium. She received a BFA Degree at UNC-C and Studio Art Center International in Florence, Italy. Photographic images of her work in Hawaii, Ethiopia, China, and Peru are collected by the libraries of Yale University, Harvard University, the Smithsonian, the Getty Museum, the International Center of Photography in NYC, and other museums. This is a part of a collection that is represented by Women In Photography International. For more information go to: