Celeste Martinez

Social Media Analyst, Consultant, Blogger, Live Streamer, Social Media Strategist

Celeste Martínez is an analyst, consultant, blogger, and designer of social media strategies in Puerto Rico. Her company, Buzzworthy Social, is dedicated to designing and implementing custom-made social media strategies in English or Spanish for small and medium businesses. Buzzworthy Social develops and manages online marketing campaigns that effectively drive brand awareness, engagement and traffic to their social media pages. This results in the possibility of having a strong and visible presence on social media. Her passion is writing on her blog, where she analyzes social media from a communications standpoint, including journalism, advertising, marketing, ethics, and politics. She is currently a weekly contributor for two publications in Europe: TreceBits in Spain and We are Social Media in the United Kingdom. Also, she participates on a radio show in Puerto Rico every two weeks, where she talks about the latest social media news. Celeste has a Master's Degree in Mass Communications with Specialization on Social Media from the University of Florida in Gainesville.