Celine Semaan

CEO Slow Factory, Le Design Team

Céline Semaan Vernon is a Lebanese-Canadian Designer, Activist, teacher and entrepreneur. Two common themes can be found across her diverse work: the power of remixing, collage and juxtaposition in creating new aesthetics and narratives; and the need to humanize and embed our current world with a deep sense of empathy. She founded Slow Factory out of her design consultancy, and it has grown to be world-renowned for high quality silks printed with satellite images from NASA. This physical juxtaposition of old-world luxury with new technology and space exploration delivers a message of meaning and activism, where each collection tells a greater story about human rights and environmental awareness, supporting the work of a partner NGO. Her work with Slow Factory is sold at the MoMA Design Store, Smithsonian CooperHewitt National Design Museum, and the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum among other stores. Her collections have supported the work of the World Wildlife Fund, Unicef and ANERA. Previously Céline has worked as a user experience designer for HUGE inc., General Assembly and Condé Nast among others, and is currently a Director’s Fellow of the MIT Media Lab. She was born in Beirut, grew up in Montreal, studied in Paris and Montreal and is now based in Brooklyn, New York where she runs her studio and company. Her background is in art, tech and information design, and her work is focussed on responsible Design, human rights and open data.