Chana Widawski

Social worker, writer and globe-trotting bicycle commuter who dreams of a world without disposable plastic water bottles.

Chana Widawski, a social worker, writer and non-profit consultant, is a four-season bicycle commuter and green-living coach who dreams of a world without disposable plastic water bottles. Based in New York City, and always ready to travel the globe, Chana is passionate about community and use of public space. Chair of her local block association, she is transforming a local park into an “outdoor community center,” featuring events like candlelight yoga, film nights and live performances ( Her writings have been published in Lilith Magazine, The Malaysian Star and professional journals, focusing on collaboration, inclusion and sustainability. Winner of an India Someday travel-writing contest, Chana recently spent 13 months as a writer and story collector in India, Thailand, Myanmar, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. She has led service learning programs across the US, camped and biked through Papua New Guinea and volunteered with the Rubbish Project in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Chana received her BA in Communication from SUNY Albany and her MSW with a focus in Community Organizing, Planning and Development from Hunter College where she serves as Adjunct Faculty.